SEED stands for Statistics machinElEarning Datascience. Motivated by the availability of big complex data and the fast development of new techniques in machine learning and data science, SEED aims to provide an online research platform for seminars focusing on important and timely interdisciplinary research topics on Statistics, Machine learning, Data Science, Mathematics, Operation Research, Computer Science, and Engineering. The online seminar series are co-hosted and organised by several research institutes in different countries. The mission is to exchange research ideas, educate young researchers, and promote international research and education collaborations.

Given the availability of big complex data and fast development of new techniques in data science e.g. deep machine learning, GPU, parallel computing, HPC, hadoop, the primary intention behind this seminar series is to open up a ground for academic cooperations. Prospective speakers are from the involved institutes or the visitors of the involved institutes, from either academics or research orientated industry. We welcome audience from academics on all levels, interested students and research orientated industry.

We hope you will be inspired by many fascinating ideas here that will make SEED a successful seminar series.